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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned, competitive athlete, developing and enhancing performance (in any sport) requires focus on strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, recovery and rehabilitation, and mental health (including relaxation and anxiety management techniques). Each of these components must be integrated into an annual training plan that considers the collective goals of both the athlete and the coach.

Our Goal

Performance coaching involves significantly more than a “mere” training plan. Excellence is achieved through effective communication, one-on-one skills development and goal-oriented direction.

Performance coaching for team sports also focuses on enhancing team spirit, building cohesion, establishing and honing team strategies, goals and tactics, and increasing confidence between team members.

With more than three decades of qualified experience as a coach and competitive athlete, no matter what your sports goals encompass, your personalized program will be created with your specific goals in mind. You can proceed confidently with professional guidance to reach a new pinnacle of achievement, knowing that your program has been strategically designed by an experienced and certified

  • USECA Cycling Coach
  • USAC Licensed Cycling Coach
  • ISSA Elite Trainer with Specializations in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Performance Nutrition, and Exercise Therapy and Rehab.

Your individual fitness, health requirements and time constraints are always factored into your personal plan — revised and adjusted according to what works most effectively for you over time.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Endurance Road Cycling
  • Triathlon and Iron Man
  • Criterium
  • Duathlon
  • Endurance Running
  • Bodybuilding

All coaching programs will include:

  • Weekly training file reviews
  • Monthly training calendar updates
  • Monthly training review calls/Zoom communications
  • Annual training plan design
  • Performance goal planning
  • Historical data review
  • Power testing and profiling
  • Nutrition recommendations
  • Guidelines for mental health considerations for the rigors of advanced training