With over 30 years of competitive athletic experience, Tamara, an Elite Trainer certified by ISSA, specializes in Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Therapy/Rehab, and DNA/Gene Program Design. Holding a UESCA Cycling Coach certification, Tamara actively participates in both real-world and virtual cycling communities, showcasing her expertise in IRL events and as a group leader on Zwift with the United States Military Endurance Sports (USMES) club. Her extensive certifications and competition history validate her credentials, enriching her capacity to provide top-tier guidance in comprehensive cycling coaching.


Experienced competitor or new to the sport, Tamara works with all sports at all levels, in off season and in season. Do you want to excel at your chosen sport? Do you have goals of competing in your first triathlon, bike race or fitness competition? No matter your goals, as a certified Strength and Conditioning coach as well as Sports and Performance nutritionist, Tamara will work with you to reach and exceed your goals.


A number of factors contribute to success in sport and diet is a key component. An athlete’s dietary requirements depend on several aspects; the sport, the athlete’s goals, the environment, and practical issues. The importance of individualized dietary advice has been increasingly recognized, including day-to-day dietary advice and specific advice before, during, and after training and/or competition. Tamara holds a specialization in Sports and Performance Nutrition and has worked with many athletes in various sports.


Tamara, a dedicated nutrition educator, conducts engaging seminars for schools, gyms, and sporting teams. With a passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle, she imparts valuable knowledge on the importance of proper nutrition. Through dynamic and interactive sessions, Tamara inspires individuals to make informed choices, contributing to the well-being of the communities she serves..


Focusing on health, wellness and improvement of energy. Whether your goal is to lose excess body fat, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk/control diabetes or to improve your energy levels, Tamara will work with you and give you the tools and support you need to meet your goals. She will be there to teach you the lessons that you can use for the rest of your life.