GFNY May 2023
Hincapie Maine June 2023

In 2018, after 10 years of competing in yearly shows, Tamara hung up her posing suit and went back to her first love of cycling.

You simply cannot take the competitive out of the competitor and even though Covid-19 forced the cancelation of many cycling races, the virtual platform grew exponentially. The worldwide virtual training and competing platform of Zwift grew quickly and saw even top pros utilizing it for their own training.

Soon the virtual racing world was booming and demand was high. Of course, Tamara decided to “dip” her toes in the water and well….let’s just say the competitive blood was pumping!

In addition to starting to race virtually, Tamara started training with the US Military E-Sports (USMES) team. Very soon thereafter, she was offered a role as a ride leader and to this day, leads group training rides for the USMES at least 3x per week. These group rides involve riders from all over the world. In addition, in 2022, Tamara joined the USMES race team as their only female racer and races at least 4x per week.

Never one to be satisfied, Tamara thrives on goals and joined USA Cycling. Competing first in New York City, a World Championship with an 80 mile/129km course with over 5000 riders. The next in Maine, an 85 mile/137km event where Tamara placed 3rd in her age group and 6th overall. Tamara met and surpassed her yearly cycling goal for 2023 logging 20,545km/12,766 miles for the year.

In addition to all of this, Tamara has coached cyclists as well as Iron Man competitors and is very proud to announce that one of her clients just competed at the Super Bowl of all Iron Man, Kona, after qualifying in Spain.

2024 Events Schedule

May 19th GFNY NYC World Championship 85 miiles
June 22 Hincapie Maine 80 miles
July 14 Gran Fondo Asheville NC 100 miles
Sept 7 LoToJo Utah to Wyoming 200 miles
Oct 6 GFNY Maryland 92.4 miles

Hincapie Maine June 2023 – 3rd place women 50+, 6th place women overall
Hincapie Maine June 2023