2018 Tzone Fitness Natural Championships

Team Results from Saturday’s Tzone Fitness Natural!  5 competitors… All 5 placing!

Connie Simpson 1st place figure short and OVERALL Figure!
Cheryl Carroll 3rd place GM Bikini and 5th Novice Bikini
Dina Windsor 1st place GM Bikini and 5th place Bikini Short 
Amanda Dear 1st place Masters Bikini and 1st place Bikini Short
Jennifer Rh 3rd place Bikini Tall and 6th place Masters Bikini

To say we crushed it is an understatement!

Next up.. Toronto Natural Pro Qualifier where Amanda and Dina will take the stage for their 3rd show of the year.

After this we move on to Knight of Champions in just under 3 weeks where Ray Urner, Ashley Davison and Samantha Barbera will dominate!

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